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Today’s workplace pension landscape has changed.  Here at Meridan we have extensive experience in designing, implementing and managing workplace pension schemes. We can work with you to make sure your scheme complies with current legislation. With the introduction of pension freedom legislation, there are far more options for retirees. We can provide information and advice to anyone approaching retirement within your scheme.


Printing Industry Pension Scheme (PIPS)

We are the official advisers to the Printing Industry Pension Scheme (PIPS). This is a long standing national industry specific scheme that’s governed by a committee including representatives from the British Industry Printing Federation (BPIF) and Unite. The committee meet quarterly throughout the year and their framework is closely aligned to the Pensions Regulator and the Investment Governance Group’s (IGG) principles of governance.
As the appointed advisers we support employers and employees with guidance and advice. Members are encouraged to actively engage in their pension planning in conjunction with us. There are now over 14,000 members in PIPS and over £200 million of pension savings in funds at the PIPS Scheme providers.

PIPS members can get in touch with any pension queries

0800 123100


Workplace pensions

Since the introduction of auto enrolment, it is a legal requirement of all employers to provide a pension scheme for their employees. If you need to set up a workplace pension scheme we can use our experience and knowledge to set up and manage a workplace pension scheme for you and your staff. If you already have a pension scheme in place but are looking for new advisers, we can review your current provision and take over the management of the scheme.
If we manage your workplace pension we will liase with pension providers on your behalf and provide retirement advice to your employees when needed, with costs being agreed prior to the undertaking of any work. We would monitor your investment funds and advise you on the best investments for your needs.

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